'Gravy Seal' Shows Off His Next Level Tactical Moves


The TikTok page Military Center posted this video showing off the next-level tactical moves of this totally legit 'special forces operative. ' While Military Center shared the video in jest, it was originally posted by Coffeeman7145, who makes videos documenting his training regimen. his site is very small and the videos don't have many views but coffeeman seems to take his lifestyle very seriously. From close-quarters clips like this one to workouts in the gym, Coffeeman is definitely preparing for something. . . i can't say for sure what it is. "Gravy seals in meal team six," one person comments on Military Center's video. mr mc coined the phrase gravy seal. ' "He shot down the enemy pigeon as well," another person says. "+10 points. " While it's easy to make fun of Coffeeman for his moves, it's admirable that he has such dedication to his training, but tragic if he feels like he needs to be this prepared to defend himself.

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