Guy Downs Beer With no Hands While Shredding Guitar Solo


this legendary dude chugs a beer with no hands while absolutely shredding a guitar solo on a nashville stage in. The dude, Michael Castleberry, has a TikTok called theofficialchilidawg, and describes himself as "Just your average big ass redneck. now we have a dude like him. In this clip he has no problem setting up his hands free chug and downing the beer in barely over five seconds, all while never missing a beat with his band. After finishing his drink, instead of discarding the bottle, he uses it as a slide to add another sound to the solo and continue shredding. Michael's bio states that he's "just trying to jam and partayyyy!!!!" By the looks of this video and the rest of his page, he's doing a pretty good job with both.

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