Guy Tells Entire Court He's a Federal Informant On Livestream, Instantly Blows His Cover


A man charged with unlawful use of a weapon is attending his court hearing via zoom, but instead of allowing the hearing to play out, he speaks up a little too soon with some sensitive information. the defendant mr smith. romero was allegedly stopped and seized by the police after they found a firearm on his person. instead of trusting the system and protecting his double identity mr. romano says he is a federal informant at the entire court hearing. an audible gasp from the courtroom echoes. "Sir, this is going live on YouTube. no comments like this judge says. since the pandemic many court rooms have shifted to virtual hearings and live streamed proceedings for events that must be open to the public. you can say this guy better watch his back if he decides to go back on the streets. Still, if all it took for him to blow his cover was a court hearing, perhaps he wasn't the best informant to begin with.

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