guy tells me why you should not light up in a cotton store


When it comes to prioritizing fire safety, a cotton warehouse should be right up there with airplanes, gas stations, and Dunder Mifflin. Inexplicably, this employee instead decides to use a cigarette lighter to help him open a bag, while standing in a sea of cotton. Instead of the blazing fireball you may be expecting, the cotton fire is dark, hot, and fast. Scrambling out of the cotton mound, the man is unable to escape some burns himself, and his bunch looks like a pile of burnt marshmallows by the end. the scene looks more like the thanos infinity snap than a traditional fire scene. Another employee attempts scuff the fire with a broom, which is about as effective as trying to box a bear with your little finger. while the extent of the final damage is unclear all parties involved are lucky that this fire didn't turn out so much worse than expected.

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