Guys Serenading Their Love Interests Heart Broken When They Find Them with Other Men


music has been used for long as a wooing technique by men in their pursuit of a woman's heart and soul. who hasn't lost a crush to a guy in a beanie with a guitar?. while the gesture is used to good effect in many movies a good rule of thumb is that a woman who is not yet your significant other don't like you showing up at their house good intentions or not . you'll be in a dangerous company and you'll certainly earn a simp label. These guys also didn't seem to have much going for them musically, especially the second dude. it is sad that these guys were too late to find love maybe we can learn from their mistakes. get up early or not at all - not as a last resort. And as Beyonce says, "don't you ever for a second get to thinking, you're irreplaceable. ".

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