handles aggressive customers who do not accept how batteries work


owner handily deals with some obnoxious customers who refuse to recognize how a battery works. After showing up unannounced, this couple verbally berated, and eventually called the police on the staff of the Jaguar Power Sports store in Florida. In response, the store called the police on them, and proceeded to own the couple with a top tier display of logic, patience, and reason. Seemingly upset that their new electric ATV in fact does have to charge every now and then, the hostile couple don't have a leg to stand on when presented with the fact that they were walked through everything they signed, and sent copies. They are also given three options to solve the battery issue, which is more than they deserve. end result the store manager accepts this fact and informs them that they're no longer customers. he handled the situation like a boss despite his aggressive tone and likely nefarious intentions.

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