he boasts about how expensive his watch is


this preacher stands in front of his adoring congregation and brags about how expensive his belongings are although apparently he doesn't mean it proudly. " It's hard to say what's more tragic: Pastor Jesse Duplantis routinely boasting and displaying the wealth he's accrued through his megachurch, or the congregation enthusiastically supporting and contributing to the scam. His bit seems to be that if you give your money to the church, then God will look kindly upon you and return that money and then some. His evidence is himself. Of course the catch is that his money is coming from your money both in tithes and book sales. Not only is it painful to see the scammer wave his scam in the faces of his victims, but he promotes his lifestyle as "biblical living," and encourages others to strive for it. i wonder what jesus would say about such a lifestyle?.

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