he gets a wave of support after his first date in 30 years stood him up in a bar


The grandfather Grandadjoe is adored by his TikTok fans and makes videos documenting his activities, memories, and brilliant life advice. so when he released a video revealing that his first date had stood him up after 30 years his fans were there to pat him on the back and. "Awww I am so so sorry, but you look dashing as always," one person comments. some people are just stupid. good riddance?. You deserve someone kind," someone else says. a number of supporters wished they could go on a date with the 89-year-old omgosh i would have been honored to have a date with. if joe wants to use his rizz to his advantage there's no question he has it. As he says in a different video, "You think I'm handsome at 90 years old, wait till you see me at 100. ".

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