He Wasn’t Playing Around: Texas Man Pulls Gun On A 55-Year-Old Woman After She Cut Him Off On The Hi


San Antonio, Texas.— The San Antonio Police Department is searching for a man who they say pointed a gun at a 55-year-old woman after she accidentally cut him off while driving on a Texas highway.According to a news release shared on Thursday (Aug. 25), the incident occured last month on July 14. The SAPD revealed that after a woman entered Interstate 10, headed eastbound, she accidentally cut off the suspect’s vehicle as she merged onto the highway just before approaching Interstate 37.From there, the suspect began to drive aggressively and was exhibiting clear signs of road rage. Once traffic came to a complete stop, he exited his vehicle and approached the woman’s car. A clip of the incident then shows him pull out a weapon before aiming it at the 55-year-old victim

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