Hero In Gimp Mask Saves Magazines From Burning Adult Video Store


this man saved some magazines from a fire at his favorite adult video store. In an interview with the local news, 'Wet Leather' describes rushing into the fire. "I went in there to try and you know, help or whatever, and all I could really grab were some magazines. " He goes on to say that he is friendly with the owner, Phill, and that he would be back tomorrow to see if Phill is ok. if phill's the owner i'm going to see if he's okay. it definitely looks as if wet leather lost his favorite adult content store and phill has lost his business. At the start of the interview, Wet Leather corrects himself from saying "my" adult video store, to "the," showing his level of attachment to the store. at least he saved a few magazines and cares about his friend phil.

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