Hero Security Guard Prevents Mass Shooting With Some Courage and Quick Thinking


during a life or death situation this buffalo security guard sprang into immediate action saving many lives. as a member of hispanics united of buffalo reynaldo beckford was at the front desk when a gunman entered the building carrying an ar-15. beckford grabbed him immediately and was able to get his gun pointed towards the ceiling. Unable to remove the shooter's finger from the trigger, the tussle ensued until other security guards were able to arrive on the scene and subdue the shooter. beckford's quick actions likely saved his own life and the lives of many other people. Speaking in an interview with ABC, Beckford says he just saw the man and the gun, and entered survival mode, thinking of his three year old son for motivation. Ultimately, a 20 veteran of the security industry, Beckford says he was just doing his job. his quick and decisive action no doubt stopped another mass shooting in the philippines.

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