Hockey Player Caught Blatantly Cheating On GF in Public


a little explaining to do for connor mcdavid. the video that made the rounds on twitter shows the oilers' star center having a night out. i guess the hashtag 'mchammered' is an understatement. at the very least connor is super flirtatious with a woman who definitely is not his current girlfriend. i honestly wouldn't be so bad if mcdavid didn't give us the reaction when his name was called 'deer in the headlights. dude knows he's been fucked up big time. who knows if this will lead to anything else?. but the video is enough to tell you. come on bro. there's no subtlety. all i can say is that i hope he had a good time that night because his girlfriend most likely has some serious questions for the nhler. who knows?. maybe they have an open and honest relationship?. but mcdavid's reaction says it all again. dude looks guilty. it's only godspeed connor. god bless you.

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