hotel receptionist holds her own against con-man karen


This hotel receptionist turned TikToker documents her experience dealing with a jerk customer, who refuses to stay in the room he booked. this customer can't understand that he's going to get exactly the room he reserved on bookingcom and he's not going. com. Asking misguided questions to try and illicit an answer he can criticize, things are a little suspicious, but she holds her cool and keeps reminding him that he is totally capable of just using the room he ordered this whole time. Through her other TikToks, we learn that this man initially booked a better room, but then cancelled because of the price before booking another. Hoping he can bully her into giving him the better room for the lower price, he winds up quite mistaken, as she's onto him, and able to hold her ground. the fact that customers like this exist and that they raise two children with this example of behavior is a shame.

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