i don't know what she's doing but it scares me a republican official calls police on a 9-year-old gi


This New Jersey official called the police on a little girl trying to capture spotted lantern flies, an invasive species that kills trees. The official, Gordon Lawshe, is the treasurer and co-chair of Caldwell New Jersey's Republican Party. On the call he refers to the girl as a "little black woman," and claims she is spraying things on the sidewalks and trees, and that it's scaring him. upon arrival the officer finds a nine-year-old girl looking for spotted lanternflies in her yard. The officer immediately realizes that nothing nefarious is going on, and when the mother arrives he learns that they are next door neighbors to Gordon, who made the call. not only was it ridiculous to call the police in the first place but gordon should know who she was. Or worse, maybe he did. The language and circumstance around Mr. lawshe's 911 call is absolutely inexcusable and serious inquiries should be made about his fitness to hold a public position. Props to the cop and mother for handling the situation appropriately.

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