'I Need Prom Night Hips, Pop That Ass': Football Coach Makes Wild Demands of Students During Drills


he has taken conditioning to the next level insisting that his team practice for prom night. Late last month, TikTok creator @sixzeroacademy_60 took to the video-sharing platform with a clip depicting one of his more, erm unique drills … and by “unique,” we mean if he were a drag queen, he’d have Tucker Carlson’s band of bow-tied cronies barreling down his front door. “More hips! Down, back and out,” he commenced the clip, which has since garnered upwards of 396,000 likes. “I need prom night hips, prom night hips! Drive! Come on! More Hips!”But it wasn’t just prom — @sixzeroacademy_60 also broached his team’s mom in an attempt of getting that perfect conditioning execution. “I need your mama’s hips and your daddy’s feet,” he continued before yelling what may be the only non-sexual usage of the phrase “pop that ass” in all of human history. the mormon hips are back.

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