'I Need to Go To the Hospital': Man Unleashes An Almighty Burp With the Help of His Wife


this guy decided to chug an entire bottle of seltzer water right before bed and now he faces the consequences of it. all i have to do is go to the hospital. the wife of the poor guy has a hard time feeling sorry for him while it's certainly true that stuck gas can hurt quite a bit. at the end of the day it was his own choice to drink an entire beverage filled with carbonation. Following a few farts, this guy starts to worry that it's all going to come out the wrong end, and much too slowly. eventually his wife comes to the rescue and pats him on the back like a baby. The almighty burp he lets out must have felt so dang good, and its sequel is nothing to scoff at either. he'll probably think twice before going back to a carbonated drink.

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