'I See Them, Who's Yachts Are They?': Restaurant Manager Perfectly Handles Entitled Yacht Renting Ka


This Karen gets hilariously handled by a boat house restaurant hostess, after inquiring about renting a yacht. "It doesn't work like that, it takes days," the hostess tells her, presumably in regards to renting a boat. And when Karen asks to speak to the manager, it's the hostess's time to shine. Ducking down behind the counter, she spins and stands back up claiming to be the manager, much to the chagrin of Karen. what's the problem?. "She's been waiting to do that ever since she became the manager," one person comments. As Karen rants go, this one is even more outlandish than normal. It would appear that she wants to rent a yacht, but for some reason has chosen the boathouse restaurant manager to talk to. she also doesn't seem to understand that just because a yacht is docked by the boathouse it's not necessarily the boathouse to rent out. karen can't let herself out on the water anyway.

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