'I Would Lose My Mind': A Day In the Life of a Mother of 12


Dougherty Dozen is a TikTok mother of twelve, who films herself taking care of the monumental household chores that come with raising a dozen children. In this first clip, she can be seen folding her family's laundry, and it's more clothes than can fit in her living room. Dougherty Dozen has other videos like making breakfast, and grocery shopping, that show just how much different standard chores are with that many people under one roof. then i'd lose my mind. "Don't they help? I think everyone should join to help," another person says. While her lifestyle is certainly not for everyone, she definitely seems happy with it. she has videos describing how to have a happy marriage and her love for her children is obvious. i don't need a nightmare. my family is so strong and i love them.

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