if it's not normal for women to climax podcast guys expose themselves as incapable of pleasing a wom


These podcast dudes on the Jesse Lee Peterson Show out themselves as incapable of pleasing a woman, after they debate the existence of the female orgasm and decide it's a myth. this clip was recently re-published by the musician sarah hester ross who responded to it on her tiktok website. The clip is especially applicable to her brand, as she has a song called “Vibrators Are A Girls Best Friend. ” In the podcast clip, four men come to the conclusion that women are not capable of orgasm. when a woman ends up climaxing she becomes a man jesse lee peterson says. it is not normal for women to do that why?. " "I think it's a lie, I don't think they do that," another guy says. i'm not sure about the climax part. " As funny as the clip is, it is a sad reality that many men are simply incapable of delivering the goods so many women need, and even worse, they choose to blame women instead of trying to improve themselves. maybe a vibrator is really the best friend of a girl.

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