'I'm Going to Assume You're Obviously Very Liberal': HR Manager Says She Doesn't Hire People With Pr


This HR manager describes how she reacts to seeing pronouns in a prospective employee's bio, and let's just say it's not well, and also illegal. i will assume you're obviously very liberal. i will assume you're not a hard worker. " She goes on to say that the person is probably a "female or not straight guy," and that "you're going to be the laziest person, you're going to be the most entitled, and complain the most. of course every person already has pronouns and listing them on a resume has no negative effects on anyone. From the intensity of her rant, she's the one her co-workers need to worry about acting entitled, getting offended, and complaining. while political discrimination is not illegal on the federal level it is in many states illegal in many. It is also illegal under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 for employers to make job decisions based on sex, including sexual orientation, which this woman's earlier comments certainly make it sound like she's doing. for any hiring manager to make an idiotic and closed-minded move to shut yourself off from an entire pool of potentially fantastic employees is. of course they don't have to work for someone who cares more about posing than doing their job correctly.

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