Influencer Mom Lies About Losing a Child to Help Win a Cruise Vacation


The TikTok influencer Brittany Jade is facing some strong but well deserved criticism after posting this since deleted TikTok in which she tries to prank her twin boys by telling them they have a long lost dead triplet brother, and that they have to act sad in order to garner sympathy for a fake competition to win a cruise. It's hard to tell what the purpose of this "prank" is, since the cruise this lie seems to be tailored for is fake as well. do her boys really think they have a dead sibling? or did she just want to see how well they can act sad at her bidding?. After deleting the video, Jade posted an apology, but for many that video really missed the mark as well. Her TikTok bio states, "I make a lot of mistakes, stay tuned. maybe not something you should hang your hat on but.

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