Inside the $200 a Night World Cup Fan Tarps


This woman documents her stay in a Qatar World Cup tent, and it's both better and worse than you might expect. There has been no shortage of negative reports surrounding the building of Qatar's World Cup infrastructure, and their infamous small tent hotel rooms have certainly been part of that. Well now thanks to this TikTok, we get a sneak peak into what staying in one of them is actually like. While they're most certainly not the quality of room 175 pounds would normally net you, they seem cozy enough, and have a few first world amenities. But just when you think things might be alright, remember that this country is hot as heck, and you have to share bathrooms with hooligans. in a world where soccer fans are known for being absolutely insane these tiny tents might just about cut it. until you remember what their equivalent would be in any other country?.

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