Joe Rogan’s Dad Takes to TikTok to Debunk Everything Rogan Has Said about His Childhood


every family has a dirty laundry pile. it seems that joe rogan's father joe rogan sr joe rogan sr. they needed to get some air. in a now-viral tiktok video joe rogan sr has been filmed. and Joe's half-sister Bridget tell their side of the story. Joe Jr. he has been very open about how abusive his father was to his children and his mother growing up. Rogan even went as far as to say his father was a psychotic person. the family is now speaking out in defense of joe sr. According to Bridget, he was a loving father, and everything that Joe Jr. what he said about his abusive past is a lie. The video feels very forced and somewhat out of nowhere. maybe it's because the family latches on to an insult from joe jr. they called them 'psychotic italians from new jersey. when they begin to defend their home state the video goes a little off the rails. let's say there's a fine line between ignorant and passionate.

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