Kia Car Owners... Your Car Is Not Safe: New Challenge Is Going Viral Where USB Is Used To Hotwire Ca


" Trouble travels fast, and now, another TikTok trend has made its way to Colorado. This time, it takes only a USB cable to leave people out thousands of dollars.Videos posted to the social media app under "Kia challenge" or "Kia Boyz" show stolen cars with steering columns removed and USB cables placed in the ignition.Sherese Ryan of Broomfield believes thieves used this method to steal her 2016 Hyundai Sonata on Aug. 5 just before 3:30 a.m."I paid it off last November," Ryan said. "I never had something to call my own, and I finally had something to call my own that I could walk out everyday and be proud to say, "I bought that, and I did that own my own." To know somebody stole that from my own house, I feel so violated."" - Denver7 News

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