Life On Easy Mode: Popular Twitch Streamer Amouranth Receives $70K From Anonymous Viewer!


Twitch streamer Amouranth, the most popular female streamer on the platform, received a number of gifts from an anonymous viewer, which included $70,000, a new iPhone, and self-defense items.Since her public split from her husband, who Amouranth accused of being controlling and abusive, she has continued to stream regularly, although says she now has more freedom to stream the way she wants to.Boasting millions of loyal fans, Amouranth viewers have offered their support in many ways, but one viewer has gone above and beyond, sending her a self-defense care package, and wads of cash.Considering Amouranth’s popularity and business success outside of streaming too, the $70,000 in cash is perhaps the least significant of the gift package.Opening the items on stream, Amouranth was clearly bemused by the generous gifts, which also include a taser, at first suspecting it was a “YouTuber, trying to pull a prank.” Credit:

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