Macho Man Randy Savage with Possibly the Best Answer to ‘Do You Cry?'


randy savage had one of the greatest responses when asked if he ever cried macho man.

The late, great wrestler was arguably THE embodiment of the 'tough guy' persona. i mean for god's sake he was a professional wrestler. like most athletes he was human. and he's given us this incredible video about mental health.

And he did it in IN CHARACTER nonetheless. talk about being an inspiration and a role model. even though it's not necessarily part of his job he basically tells kids boys in particular that it's okay to cry. i always cry. take the time you need and never quit. i just hate that i didn't see the video until now. i wish i had discovered it sooner. this is a bold thing for a guy nicknamed 'macho man' to say. Not only now but especially back in his prime, when the stigma around men's mental health, and hiding our emotions was even more prevalent. this is great.

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