Madonna Does Poppers For the First Time on TikTok Live


the incident occurred when madonna went live with tiktok personality terri joe and the tikto. during the interview madonna took a look at a small bottle known as poppers. for those unfamiliar with poppers they are basically the street version of amyl nitrite which is used to help relieve chest pain and to reduce. it's a muscle relaxant. Poppers give you a rush, or high that makes you feel super relaxed, happy, and chill for about 30 seconds to a minute. Madonna states in the video that she "never did that before. " It remains to be seen if that's a true statement or not, but who are we to judge? Just a warning, poppers are NOT approved by the FDA and can lead to injury or death. and it seems like the madonna train isn't slowing down anytime soon. The popper incident comes on the tail of her recent video stating she's "never been circumcised. ".

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