Maid of Honor is DEFINITELY Not Racist in Most Cringe Speech of All Time


this lady of honor delivered what might be the most cringe-filled speech of all time during her friend's wedding. shannon seemed very excited to speak at her friend tracy's wedding but things quickly went wrong. Just her nervous mannerisms can be hard to get through, especially knowing that what's coming next must not be good. And just a tip in life, do not ever start a sentence with, "and not to be racist you guys but. . . because everything that comes next won't land the way you think. We're not really sure if Shannon had a script or at least an outline in mind before she took the mic, but what ultimately came out hopefully isn't anywhere near whatever that might have been. Thankfully people in the crowd took a page out of the award ceremony playbook, and effectively clapped her off the mic. in general it seems that the wedding went well but this speech will definitely be the stuff of legends in this family.

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