Man Accidentally Ate $120,000 Walker’s Potato Chip


he had just eaten a walkers' potato chip worth 100000 and he was hungry. Walker's potato chips, (Lays in England), held a Valentine's day competition which consisted of finding a heart shaped chip in a participating bag. The owner of the chip, once it was presented, would be awarded with £100,000, (about $120,000). Like most of us, Cory doesn't read the marketing gobbledygook on the side of his chip bags, opting instead to eat them thoughtlessly like a normal snack indulger. In this case however, his oversight resulted in the consumption of the winning chip, and a £100,000 hit. Predictably, Walkers is refusing to pay Cory his money, claiming that the chip itself is necessary despite video evidence. Even the bar code on the bag is not sufficient. i love potato chips so much. walkers pay him his money.

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