Man Caught On Camera Trying To Kidnap A 6-Year-Old Girl!


hollywoodunlockedVerifiedHU Staff: Kecia Gayle @Kecia.KaeA 6-year-old’s quick thinking saved her life after someone tried to kidnap her in front of her home!Little Ken'Adi Nash from Ohio was taking out the trash at her Hamilton home when a man grabbed her and tried to take her away. The girl screamed as loud as she could when he grabbed her, prompting the man to let her go. A doorbell camera at the Nash family home captured the 10-second-long attempted kidnapping on camera.Speaking with @ABCNews, Ken'Adi recalled, “This guy walks by and he touched me. He pulled me," she told ABC News. “He wouldn't have let go of her if she wouldn't have pulled and screamed like she did," Ricky Nash, Ken'Adi's dad, added. Ken'Adi ran into the house after the incident and immediately alerted her dad, who then drove off in his car to follow the man while calling the police, per ABC News. He said, “I chased him like he still had my kid. Definitely didn't want him to be able to go snatch another kid."

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