man silences a pack of howling coyotes with a single fart


It’s the dead of night and TikToker @crutchycrutch here’s a noise. he steps out onto the deck to record. it sounds like the kid section of a crowded public pool. but no?. something much more dangerous than that. Far more vicious. coyotes howling in the distance. Listen to them yelp. there have gotta be at least 10 of these. best of luck sleeping in this racket. it's fortunately not his first rodeo. “How to silence a coyote pack–” reads the caption. imagine the horrid guttural roar this man is about to produce to dispel the screaming. the veteran then lets out a fart in the air. instantly the pack calms down. just like magic. learned lesson. so next time a pack of coyotes disturbs the peace in your neighborhood just cut off a fat one.

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