Miss Nevada Shows All the Different Ways She Thinks Dudes Rock


Despite the phrase’s common misuse in defending terrible behavior, it seems that boys being boys can actually kinda rule sometimes – just ask Miss Nevada title holder Heather Renner. Earlier this week, Renner, who is the first openly gay woman to nab the highly-coveted title, took to her TikTok platform of more than 133,000 followers to share a video celebrating the wholesomeness that can come when dudes are just being dudes. “I made you a compilation of videos that I feel fully embody the phrase ‘boys will be boys’ in a positive and wholesome way,” she commenced the clip, which has since garnered upwards of 46,000 views. From an enthusiastic circle-drawing contest to a dad finding creative ways to get his son to eat his veggies, and the men of The Bachelor franchise having a monumentous pun off, Renner’s promise definitely delivered – and may have made our day. what's better than that?. ”.

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