mom regrets giving her kids a free 'swear word pass' to play


If you give your kids an inch, don't blame them for taking a mile. I remember being a kid and my parents letting my siblings and I do adult things, like tasting alcohol or saying a curse word. it's part of the fun of parenting to let your kids blow off some steam. But this mother might be regretting letting her kids have a 'swear word pass' after her middle child to the game a bit too far. the dynamic of this video should warm our hearts. put yourself in their shoes. Your mom has just given you a hall pass to curse. What word would five-year-old you choose? And would you repeat it until she forced you to stop? As a fellow middle child, I'd do exactly what this kid did here, including running it by my older brother to make sure it was a curse word worth screaming, again and again.

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