New Video Shows Quavo Get Into A Heated Argument With Others Seconds Before Takeoff Was Fatally Shot


"Quavo was toe-to-toe with a group of guys outside that Houston bowling alley. Takeoff and others had his back while he argued for more than 30 seconds before the shooting began. TMZ Hip Hop obtained this video of the showdown around 2:30 AM -- you can see and hear Quavo arguing with someone, and Takeoff is a few feet behind him. There's a discussion about playing basketball, and someone, possibly Quavo, says "I don't get down like that!" Seconds later, there's a single crack of gunfire ... and when everyone starts running, a flurry of shots are firing through the crowd. You can hear more than 10 shots in total, and it sounds like they came from at least 2 different weapons." via @TM

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