oh nice flame sledding psychopaths set the house on fire


See, you know you're an idiot when the single worst thing that could happen to your family's home comes to pass and, instead of even trying to put out the flames that you won't be able to put out or rescuing something of value, or checking on the state of the even bigger idiot who just tumbled down the stairwell like a deeply-intoxicated human fireball, your response is "Oh. . . nice!"

In what seems like a skit but reportedly is 100% real (I can, unfortunately, believe it), we see a young man and presumably his girlfriend, take swigs from a bottle of liquor before filling up a sled with booze and putting a lighter to it. it's incredible that this dumbass of the highest order proceeds to jump feet-first onto the sled and go flaming indoor sledding down his stairs -- but not before catapulting a splash. The clip cuts short, so its unclear what happened next but we can only imagine it wasn't good things.

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