Parked Tesla Catches Fire in the 49ers Parking Lot


while brock purdy was busy setting the field ablaze for the 49ers in his first career start a tesla parked outside levi's stadium decided to get in on the action. the fire of a tesla sparks debate over the safety of electric vehicles and the potential for serious battery fires. Videos of Teslas combusting have become commonplace on the internet over the last few years, and although it is valid to have concerns over the safety of a new technology, data suggests that Teslas are significantly less prone to fires than their gas powered counterparts. Gasoline is quite flammable itself after all. luckily the fire didn't spread to more cars like it did at hard rock stadium earlier this year. this 49ers fan will certainly be sad about the fate of their car but can take solace in the fact that their new rookie quarterback could just be the real deal and the best sports story to come out of the.

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