Parking Garage Attendant Holds Up All Traffic Because Woman Can't Pay


This parking garage in Queensland Australia found itself with a massive traffic jam, after its parking attendant used a payment dispute to deny a woman her exit. In this video, a man from a different car attempts to sort out the situation, but finds the attendant less than helpful over the intercom. the car owner claims to have an account where she pays 88 dollars a month for parking but the attendant insists that it is not with the company that runs the garage. Without $25 dollars on her for a lost ticket fee, the entire garage is ground to a halt until the situation is sorted. It is unclear whether the attendant is upholding ridiculous company policy, or pulling some strange power trip, but the result is dozens of people needlessly delayed. could you tell me she's been fired?. "Pretty sure NOT letting someone out is illegal," someone else comments. it seems that learning she was being recorded influenced her decision to leave the film.

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