pasta in a wine glass is neither appetizing nor creative


Despite the recent breadth of films and tv series dunking on the 1%’s terrible, terrible taste in fine cuisine, it seems we somehow managed to glean absolutely nothing from The White Lotus, Triangle of Sadness and The Menu, a realization singlehandedly proven through the cursed existence of a new dish we’re dubbing “wine glass pasta. ”Earlier this week, one restaurant learned the very important lesson that food videos should actually look somewhat appetizing (unless you’re certified weirdo Rick Lax and his band of hot girls), getting absolutely roasted for posting what may be the most dramatic pasta reveal in the history of mankind. Depicting a seemingly disembodied hand dumping a glass of pasta onto a plate before flinging its cheese-filled stem onto the aggressively saucy dish — a landing that spectacularly failed in a few subsequent videos — the clip garnered 9. 5 million videos before making the rounds on Twitter.

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