People Struggle to Name a Single American Band


Musician and comedian Kaye Loggins, @TimeWharp on Twitter, took to the streets of NYC recently to conduct a social experiment. which american band is the greatest?. According to these patriots, the best American bands are The Beatles or The Rolling Stones a close second. if you do some research you might find that these bands are from england. in simple terms the video is a masterclass. Such an insanely easy question that’s just a matter of opinion. It reminds us of the famous Miss Teen USA Q&A fail, in that, it reminds us Americans are insanely dumb. Twitter is reacting with their own answers, which range from Wu-Tang to Velvet Underground to the Grateful Dead. A contender could be Kaye Loggins herself who just released a new album, but she’s not a band. sorry. this is probably the best answer given by papa roach. a truly american group.

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