Picked The Wrong One: Off Duty Cop Kills 2 After Being Attacked By Multiple Men Inside A Grocery Sto


EL NUEVO DIARIO, BAN�.- Two young people died and two were seriously wounded by bullets in a confusing incident that originated inside a grocery store located on M�ximo G�mez street in the community of Boca Canasta in the municipality of Ban�. According to the information obtained so far, the incident occurred between a minor and a National Police agent named Encarnaci�n. The versions indicate that after the altercation with the police officer, the minor went to look for his father and told him that Encarnaci�n allegedly touched his gun and the father immediately appeared at the grocery store with several relatives and without saying a word they beat him several times. and bottled the officer, who in the middle of the struggle began to shoot to get rid of the people

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