pissed off french dude removes protestors from the road like rag dolls


this absolutist dude removes french climate protestors from the road like they're rag dolls. It's not the first viral video of French protestors getting themselves removed and un-glued from the road, and check out this video to see another. As part of the current wave of European climate protests, activists around Europe have been committing acts of civil disobedience, including vandalizing art, and blocking traffic. Understandably, these protests have angered many in the public who are just trying to go about their days, and are not responsible for our climate crisis. this discontent has led to many civilians actively working to clear the protests like this unit and some others with an even more violent and hostile approach to. Perhaps if the French police force had guys like him, protestors would be a bit less willing to throw themselves in harm's way.

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