possibly spotted in amarillo texas chupacabra


in fact the internet has been arguing over whether this creature spotted last month at an amarillo zoo is actually a chupacabra. Doubtful, sure, but impossible? Maybe not. Though if you ask us, our money is on skinwalker.

Last month on May 21st, a zoo in Amarillo Texas caught something rather suspicious on its cameras. A human-like creature was spotted walking around the outside of the premises and nobody has been able to confirm what exactly the bipedal creature is.

Speculation has centered around the mythical chupacabra, an American folk legend who's first "sighting" was reported in 1995 in Puerto Rico. Video footage "clearly" shows a bipedal something stalking the zoo. it's possible that this creature is the infamous chupacabra caught on camera?.

We don't really know what to think, but if you squint hard enough you can almost make out Sonic the Hedgehog, but obviously, we can rule that out. but we can't.

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