post malone keeps his cool when a fan tells him he's sucking up


Post Malone keeps his cool in this video while a fan yells in his face that he sucks, and that he's a "b***h. " No doubt trying to elicit a reaction from Post Malone, the guy screams in his face repeatedly, but the singer remains relaxed and smiling while signing autographs for other more appreciative fans. but the obnoxious video taker continues his antics while those around post malone start to push him away from the microphone. Undoubtedly experienced in dealing with jerk fans, Malone keeps his cool and only retorts with a bemused, "that's rude. " Yes it is. A quick reversal of the camera shows the culprit to be little more than a smiling brat kid with his friends, but that doesn't excuse his ridiculous behavior. At least Post Malone was ready to be the adult in the room.

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