Priorities Are All Wrong: Medical Staff Get Into A Physical Altercation Over The Death of A Patient!


Health workers fought over a patient: the patient died four days later. Law enforcement agencies became interested in this incident, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan reported. In September, a conflict arose between two doctors in the Kem Central District Hospital. The reason for the quarrel, which turned into a fight, was the untimely hospitalization of the patient. The patient required urgent medical attention.The Ministry of Health of the region stated that assault in this area is unacceptable. According to the department, everything can be settled in a civilized way. In the meantime, the incident will be dealt with by the police. The case materials, according to the head physician of the Central District Hospital, have already been transferred to law enforcement agencies.Earlier it was reported that two doctors participated in a fight in the Central District Hospital: a 53-year-old therapist and a 32-year-old head of the therapeutic department, a cardiologist. The conflict fell into the lens of the camera, which is installed in the emergency room. According to the media, the patient, because of which there was a fight, died four days later

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