Queefing Spider-Man Horrifies the Internet With Her Special Talent


The TikToker wizqueifa_ posted a video to her second account while dressed as Spiderman, complaining that she can't just post a simple thirst trap without being asked to queef. She then goes on to stage a full performance, giving the people exactly what they want. The video now has 27 million views, and 4 million likes. This is not a new talent for the TikToker named Safiya Witt to show off, as her usernames and 3. 4 million followers would suggest. It is however certainly the most viral her strange skill has gone, and people have lots of questions. from disgust to amazement viewers definitely have strong reactions to the video and i for one would just like to know if anyone has seen the video and. . . if safiya wanted to just post a spiderman thirst trap it's understandable that the people want more of it. As someone in the comments points out, with great power comes great responsibility.

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