Real Life F1 Track Will Be a Map in Modern Warfare II


In an awesome trailer released on Monday, it was announced that a real life Formula 1 track will be a map in the Modern Warfare II game. With the map titled Marina Bay, the F1 track is the one used for the Real Life Singapore Grand Prix, held in Marina Bay Singapore. The track is traditionally a night race, complete with light shows, fireworks, and the spectacular nigh-time Singapore cityscape, making it one of the most visually striking races every year. The map looks to capture that essence perfectly, but of course with the dystopian twist a Modern Warfare game is sure to bring.

Complete with moving cars in the trailer, (although design wise they look more like F2 cars than F1 cars), the trailer looks more like something out of the F1 Codemasters series than an Activision Call of Duty game. for fans of cod and f1 alike this map should be a big hit and it shows how much f1 has grown in popularity among the american audience in recent years.

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