real life people make all the decisions horror movie people would like to watch


this tiktok couple decided to explore a cave near their small cabin while camping in colorado. initially thinking it might be a bear's den the pair still decide to head down the road. We're not sure what they're expecting to find, but clearly, they haven't seen "As Above So Below. they soon realize that it's an abandoned mine system in the cave and decide to press on despite seeing a bat and evidence of a previous collapse. they have clearly never been to the cave. " Continuing through the system, they think they hear suspicious sounds. evidently they haven't seen the decent. " Clearly, they don't know that even in real life mineshafts can often contain toxic gasses or low oxygen levels and have a tendency to collapse. finally they believe they heard something in the gloom before running away. the people who make awful horror movie decisions really do exist in real life. ".

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