Relentless Karen Goes off on Former NFL Star Terrell Owens


t-shirt. o my god. he's better than me. i'd lose my shit. cooler heads prevailed but cooler heads. terrell owens was driving to his mailbox when a woman started screaming at him to slow down.

She then claims that he - a black man - charged toward her - a white woman. To which T. o my god. vehemently denies ever charging after her. The NSFW video continues as the 'Karen' relentlessly shouts and harasses Owens, even after the police have arrived.

Owens then states that he's seen situations like this, but he's never been involved with a 'Karen. when everything seems to be settled the woman begins to cry hysterically. it's really quite absurd. she also claims that owens tried to hit her with his car in the head. these claims seem to come from the left. have a look at yourself.

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