Roofer Cuts the Bullsh*t of State Farm Insurance Snake


it is almost always a pain to deal with insurance people. it's true that there's a level of pain in the assertion. Here we have a clip of a roofer who seems to be just trying to do his job while an insurance rep from State Farm claims that he is doing his job incorrectly and shown "no willingness to repair. "

The roofer, who seems like a pretty chill and rational person, invites the insurance rep to show him the "proper" way to do what the roofer's been doing for over a decade and, unsurprisingly, gets an extra serving of BS from the guy. it's one thing to deal with a bullshtick from an insurance rep -- it comes with the territory -- but this guy really kicks it up a notch and seems to double down at every chance he gets to. And it's both cringe and infuriating.

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