Scumbag Landlord Demands Family Pay Rent 5 Days Early


this landlord comes to the door demanding rent while her tenants are throwing a birthday party for their two-year-old son. She pushes the door open with her leg, and eventually swings at the camera. The caption claims that she is five days early to collect rent, while she repeatedly states that they have missed multiple payments. no matter who is right her behavior is totally out of line. all landlords are illegal no matter what the tenant has done. another person has a possible explanation for his behavior. she's gaslighting them into a fight. they do it and it could be grounds for eviction. the more efficient way to contact the police is to provide video evidence. " It is also illegal for a landlord to forcibly enter a residence without permission aside from emergencies and evictions. No matter who is in the right, this landlord's behavior was illegal, and she could find herself with a court case of her own.

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